Kitesurfers get backing Bracklesham from residents

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Kitesurfers should be able to enjoy Bracklesham Beach like everyone else, some residents have said.

Bracklesham resident Rob Askwith wrote to the Observer after last week’s report on Chichester District Council banning Ann Macdonald and her family from using a raft and attached buoy on the beach. The council said it was a hazard to other beach-users.

The feud stems back to the introduction of a kitesurfing zone on the beach.

Residents who live next to the beach say the zone is a danger to the public.

However, Mr Askwith said: “I am for the kitesurfers in operation on the beach. The recent safety procedures of the flags on the beach are well-maintained and executed by the coastguards.

“I am not a kitesurfer myself, but love to watch them, and find them polite and fully aware of other beach-users as far as I have noticed.

“Please let us be sensible in the safety guidelines that are already being enforced and be slow to ban any community from the beach that may otherwise be entitled to enjoy this beautiful place.

“Please take this letter as someone who wants everyone to live in peace and is fed up with the constant bickering. I do not want a minority of the community to dominate the show.”

Simon Bassett, owner of X-trian, a premium windsurfing, kitesurfing and SUP centre at West Wittering beach said: “The zone needs to have very clear guidelines so everyone knows what the score is. One of the issues is launching at high tides where there is only five metres between the sea and the boundaries of houses.

“There is no excuse in any sport to put the public at risk.”