Lamb is becoming star attraction in Sidlesham

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This liTTle lamb is becoming a bit of a celebrity in Sidlesham.

The two-week old lamb has been adopted by the Phillips family after he suffered a traumatic start to life when he was abandoned by his mother after she killed his brother.

But little lambsey, as he is known, is faring much better now thanks to alice, 18, and her mother Jane.

They took him on after hearing about the abandoned lamb through people at the stableyard where alice works. She has been hand-rearing him at home in highleigh, and the daily routine involves putting him in the car to take him to work, and feeding him every fve to six hours with a bottle.

Back home, he gets on famously with the family’s two dogs. mrs Phillips said: “He’s got a very nice character, but’s he’s defnitely in charge. We’ve a French mastiff who’s seven or eight months old and he runs rings around him.

“He’s like a little baby – he follows Alice around everywhere and likes a lot of attention.

“We’d like to get another for a friend for him because they are social animals and we just want him to be free range and have a lovely life.”