Last couple marry at Chichester Register Office

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IT WAS a special day in more ways than one for Adrian Arnell and Esther Abdo as the couple were the last ever to get married at the Chichester Register Office.

Mr and Mrs Arnell tied the knot at the North Street location on September 2.

Mr Arnell said: “The registrar said it was very emotional as it was the last wedding there and the end of an era.”

He added: “Ironically I am a wedding photographer so it was also quite apt for someone in the wedding industry to be the last to marry there.”

The newly-weds first met locally, but for Mr Arnell the romance had to be worked on because he worked in Italy, while Esther still lived here. She visited him every summer.

On his return to the country Mr Arnell proposed to Esther and they set a date for their engagement.