Laughter is key to Fishbourne couple’s happy union

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A FISHBOURNE couple who have just celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary have said the secret to their happy marriage is having a good sense of humour.

Ken Poole first met Joyce when she was ten years old. Her brother was a friend of Mr Poole’s and they both attended a camera club together.

Ten years after Mr and Mrs Poole met each other in 1947, their romance blossomed. They were engaged in 1950 and married a year later on August 18, 1951, in Harrow where they both lived.

Now, six decades on, the couple are celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary. They have both lived in Fishbourne for 15 years and held a special family party on August 13 to mark the milestone.

They attribute their happy marriage to having a good sense of humour. Mrs Poole said: “A lot of problems have been solved by laughter.”

Mr and Mrs Poole are the proud parents of four daughters and have eight grandchildren. They enjoy large family parties with them all as often as possible.

One of their daughters Elizabeth Bryder, of Billingshurst, said: “We managed to get all the family together: there were 20 of us. As a large family we don’t get together that often and we try do it at least once a year.

“The celebrations went really well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, especially the happy couple.”

Speaking of her childhood she added: “There were a lot of laughs and happiness growing up. My parents have always been full of fun.”

The Fishbourne Club at Blackboy Lane, which usually hosts bowls and cricket, put on the event and served up the food for all of the family.