A levels: Outstanding results from Chichester High School students

Proud parents filled Chichester High School's Canteen this morning, with results that left the students glowing with happiness.

Thursday, 16th August 2018, 1:48 pm
Updated Sunday, 2nd September 2018, 10:07 pm
Students jump in joy after receiving impressive exam results

Proud parents filled Chichester High School's canteen this morning, as results were handed out that left the students glowing with happiness.

Celebrations are in order for both the staff and students of Chichester High School’s sixth form as they achieved outstanding results, maintaining last year’s high level of performance.

An impressive 20 per cent of the students achieved an A*-A and 82 per cent gained A* to C grades, which is five per cent higher than the national average.

Students jump in joy after receiving impressive exam results

High achievers included Georgina Burgoyne Morris, who, having achieved three A*s, will now be taking her position at Cambridge University to study natural sciences, and Jasper Mcgarry, former head boy at the sixth form, who managed to achieve an outstanding four A*’s and is thrilled to be joining the University of Southampton to read aeronautics and astronautics.

Georgina said: “I am too happy for words and excited to now celebrate this weekend with family and friends at a music festival.”

In the crowds of happy students were many parents expressing tears of joy for their hard working children.

Thomas Hodgson’s dad facetimed his son to inform him of the thrilling news that he had received two As and a C, allowing him to study music at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Thomas was unable to collect his results due to being away on a the Cambridge National Youth Percussion Orchestra course, which will act as another step in the right direction for this musical future.

Along with Thomas, student Mia Cunningham Stockdale also has plans to pursue a career in the arts industry.

Having starred as Beauty in the Chichester Festival Theatre production of Beauty and the Beast, she was then offered a youth apprenticeship programme there.

Mia explained that although her first ultimate goal will not be achieved right now, a new opportunity has arisen for her and her impressive grades of a B and two Cs reflect the hard work she has put in.

Originally Mia hoped that after Sixth Form she would attend a drama school but unfortunately did not get her place this year, however being very positive with this new unique chance she feels it was not meant to be for drama school at the moment.

She said "Dreams do not always need the top grades, I am excited to find out what the future holds for me.”

Winter Youth Olympian Yasmin Cooper has been studying hard whilst winning championships in skiing.

After achieving impressive grades, she has successfully secured her place at the University of Bath to read sport and exercise science.

Other high achievers who have gained places at their choice of university include:

Sam Dukes - Loughborough University to read mechanical engineering

Andrew Baker - University of Southampton to read law

Ben Enticott- University of Bristol to read mathematics

Ellie Muir - Kings College London to read history and international relations

Jack Stride - University of Bristol to read electrical and electronic engineering

Amy Rock- Univeristy of Greenwich to read professional dance and musical theatre

Alice Ford - Royal Holloway, University of London to read geography

Katie Conner - University of Nottingham to read English

Lucy Budd- University College London to read natural sciences

Kate Bolton - University of Bristol to read theatre and performance studies

Emily Mill- University of Exeter to read mathematics

Vickie Smith, head of sixth form, Chichester High School. said “Students and staff have worked really hard for these results and we are very pleased that their efforts have been rewarded.

“We wish our students every success and happiness in their future.”