‘Life-saving’ Debbie gets Johnson’s award

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A MIDWIFE at St Richard’s Hospital, who saved the lives of a mother and baby has been recognised for going ‘above and beyond the call of duty’.

Debbie Harris, of Cambrai Avenue, Chichester, received Johnson’s Baby South East Midwife of the Year Award after being nominated by new mum Rebecca Morgan.

Debbie was at Rebecca’s side when she gave birth to her daughter Amelia in August last year.

However, during labour, Rebecca’s placenta ruptured causing her health to deteriorate rapidly and putting Amelia in distress.

Debbie had to keep Rebecca and the baby calm throughout the labour, which involved putting mum under general anaesthetic.

“Debbie quite literally saved my life and the life of my baby,” said Rebecca, from Chichester. “Her expertise and quick reactions were invaluable and ultimately kept us both safe.

“She is truly amazing and was able to turn a worrying experience into a truly magical one.”

Debbie, from Chichester, said she was ‘absolutely thrilled’ to have won the award.Receiving the phone call blew me off my feet!” she said.

“It was a real privilege caring for Rebecca and reassuring her mum, who was understandably very anxious. Being nominated, and then going on to win the London & South East award, is a wonderful feeling and it also reflects on the excellent team we have here at St Richard’s Hospital.”

The Johnson’s awards are part of The Royal College of Midwives Annual Midwifery Awards, recognising midwives from across the UK who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

The six regional winners will be recognised and awarded trophies at The RCM Annual Awards ceremony in London on March 3.

The national winner will also be announced.