Lifestyle feature: A BRYT new range

Catkin Wemyss-Bodmer
Catkin Wemyss-Bodmer

A MOTHER of three from Lickfold has created an exciting new-generation skincare range aimed at ensuring the bright young things of today have a clear, healthy skin and a youthful complexion in years to come. Jo Rothery goes along to find out more.

Catkin Wemyss-Bodmer, inspired by her teenage daughter, set about designing the newly-launched collection of BRYT products which combine natural, yet high-tech ingredients and are as appealing to teenagers and young adults as to women and men of all ages.

And she is convinced that if youngsters can be encouraged to care for their skin properly from an early age, the future will be bright in terms of their confidence and wellbeing.

Catkin’s botanical skincare range owes its existence to a conversation she had with her 16-year-old daughter, Isobelle.

“She pointed out to me there was nothing on the market that made skincare interesting for young people,” Catkin explains. “Yet it’s so important for them to realise that your skin is a very important part of your body and needs to be loved.

“If your skin is good, then your immune system is going to be good as well, so looking at skin regime as part of your health care really does pay dividends.”

Young people

BRYT Skincare, a new-generation botanical skincare range that features natural, yet high-tech ingredients, is targeted towards men and women of all ages, in particular teenagers and young adults.

Catkin worked in the beauty and fashion industry, including for a well-known aromatherapy brand, during her early 20s.

“I loved the whole concept of using natural products, which always made sense to me,” she says.

“I stopped work to have children, but remained interested in that kind of product.

“A few years ago I felt I wanted to do something, start my own business of some kind, probably based around that.

“My youngest daughter, Hebe, is 11 now, so after talking to Isobelle about the lack of anything in terms of skincare aimed at young people, I began to think about launching something which would educate people into thinking more about skin as part of a healthy lifestyle.

“Particularly in this world where image is all over the place, I wanted to inspire youngsters to think of their skin as an important part of their body. Skin is very complex, it’s a work of art, and whatever our age, we need to look after it!”

Ethical policy

Many months of research led to the launch of BRYT Skincare, which features a unique and sophisticated blend of rare and precious botanical ingredients, wonderfully beneficial for all ages who appreciate natural, high-tech skincare as well as maintaining an holistic, healthy lifestyle, an ethos which defines the brand.

“Due to its ability to tackle skin issues gently and effectively, BRYT is particularly helpful on teen and young adult complexions, always staying within the boundaries of a strong ethical policy,” Catkin says.

“Our skin reflects how we are, think and feel – this is never truer than during adolescence. Great skin equals increased confidence and wellbeing, and I truly believe that a healthy lifestyle contributes towards a glowing complexion.

“Along with the basics of exercising, getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet and drinking lots of water, caring for skin from an early age and maintaining it through our lives will ensure it stays looking fresh and youthful for years to come.

“Good healthy skin gives us all an air of confidence and wellbeing.

“Teenagers and young adults frequently feel a little vulnerable in many areas of their lives, their bodies too are going through a time of transition and skin is so often a reflection of all that change. BRYT is designed to help re-establish and maintain the skin’s natural equilibrium, especially for young adults.

“As we mature, our skin is constantly evolving, which is why we believe it is desirable to have a simple, effective but individually tailored system.

“This allows us to protect our skin from changes in environment, lifestyle, cycles and diet, to make the most of our skin, ensuring it is clear, healthy and glowing, which will in turn help us feel good about ourselves.

“There’s a big movement nowadays towards feeding the skin and due to its nourishing qualities, my products feed the skin down to the lower levels.”

Super antioxidants

Gentle yet hard-working ingredients are key to the range, and forming the backbone to every product is the Advanced Phytoscience System (APS).

This unique formulation includes rich super antioxidants extracted from organic Australian wild-harvested plums Kakadu, Burdekin and Illawarra – superfruits that contain up to five times more antioxidant power than blueberries. These help to protect, detoxify and exfoliate young skin while helping to improve blemishes.

Additional ingredients include the soothing and calming wonder plant Aloe Vera, plus Allantoin which heals and moisturises.

All the products are made in the UK and the colourful and attractive packaging also has a great appeal for young people.

The 12-strong range includes a foaming cleanser, essential serum, night cream, moisturiser and eye makeup remover.

As well as her two daughters, Catkin also has an 18-year-old son, Oliver, so she is keen to encourage young men to take on board the skin-care message from an early age. Her boys’ range includes a very invigorating hair and body wash, a moisturiser and a marvellous shaving oil.

“Oliver is a great fan of this as it means he can shave with just that and water,” Catkin says.

A lot of hard work went into creating the BRYT range and in just a few months it has met with a great reception from everyone who has used these refreshing and natural products with their superb texture.

“We got the products just before Christmas and since then I have been selling them online and at one or two little events – the reaction has been tremendous and this month we’ve launched into our first retail pilot, at Sparks Yard in Arundel. It’s a wonderful venue, a real shopping mecca – they are local, we are local and it is going to be great working together.”

To find out more about BRYT, visit the website, email, call 0203 2895363, or see the range at Sparks Yard, Tarrant Street, Arundel.