Man felt ‘harassed’ during Bosham murder DNA screening

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The mass DNA screening in the Bosham murder investigation ended yesterday (February 15).

Sussex Police has hosted voluntary DNA screening sessions in an aim to eliminate people from their list of 3,800 men with connections to Bosham.

During the process, officers have knocked on doors, made phone calls and sent letters out to local residents who have not given their DNA sample.

A Bosham man said he felt ‘harassed’ after being called and sent a letter informing him he was one of the people identified as having the police’s criteria for elimination.

The resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, received a letter from DS Duncan Elliott, mass screening manager, last week which said: “We are asking for you to help us catch Valerie Graves’ murderer by conclusively eliminating yourself from the enquiry.”

The resident said: “I got a phone call the day before as well. It seems like you’re being harassed.”

He added that he would willingly give his DNA if the police came to him but he had heard the screening process could take a while so he hadn’t done it.

“It’s just the way they’ve gone about it,” he said. “I’m not going to put myself out for it.”

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