Man pulled to safety from caravan blaze


A NEIGHBOUR pulled a 42-year-old man through his window to safety as 
his caravan was destroyed 
by a fire.

The blaze could be seen for miles around as firefighters were alerted to the fire at The White Horse Caravan Park, in Selsey, at 9.15am 
on Monday.

A neighbour and member of staff on the Bunn Leisure site spotted black smoke coming from the vents of the caravan and called the emergency services before breaking a window and pulling the resident to safety.

A spokesman for Bunn Leisure said the man 
who was dragged to safety had to be treated for superficial wounds and smoke inhalation.

The spokesman said: “The neighbour, a friend of the victim, could hear shouts for help from the man who was inside the caravan.

“They broke the window and together with Alan Crowther, a member of the Bunn Leisure maintenance team, pulled the man 
to safety.”

The site’s own paramedics and incident team – part of Selsey First Responders – were alerted.

“An incident such as this is always distressing,” the spokesman added.

“The acts of the two men who dragged the occupant to safety were exemplary and I am delighted that operationally our team responded exactly as our planning and training dictates.

“This could have been a tragedy and thanks to swift and decisive action and bravery, this was averted.”

The man was treated by a qualified nurse staying at the park, assisted by Mark Seymour, head of security and a member of Selsey First Responders, until the ambulance crew arrived.

He was then taken to St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester where he was treated for minor injuries and smoke inhalation.

Two other caravans suffered minor damage and the Bunn Leisure management team have 
been in touch with the relevant owners.

The spokesman added: “We are not aware of the cause of the fire, although it is believed it started in at one end of the caravan in the main bedroom area. The fire service will clearly be investigating the cause.”