Manhood Peninsula granted £71k boost for tourism economy

Manhood Peninsula
Manhood Peninsula

Plans to develop the Manhood Peninsula’s visitor economy have been granted a £71,000 boost.

The project, led by the University of Chichester’s business school, intends to strengthen rural tourism in the Selsey area by working with nearby businesses to increase visitor numbers and spend.

The 12-month plan runs until December 2017 and is being funded by a grant from government body the Rural Development Programme for England to invigorate the peninsula’s coastal and inland landscape and support economic expansion.

Co-ordinator and senior lecturer in tourism management, Dr Jorge Gutic, said: “The project provides an exciting opportunity to support the sustainable growth of the economy on the Manhood Peninsula.

“The plans will identify existing and new opportunities to develop sustainable tourism as well as the infrastructure and support needs that local businesses require in order to achieve their full economic potential.”

Proposals for the Manhood Peninsula project are being guided by the university’s business school, which has a particular focus on regional regeneration and developing sustainable tourism in coastal communities.

Dr Andy Clegg, chairman of Visit Chichester, said: “Visitor spending on the Selsey Peninsula exceeds £100m and the project provides an exciting opportunity to further enhance the value of the visitor economy.”

The programme plans to work with existing tourism businesses to identify opportunities for new customers to boost business competitiveness and visitor experience.

Caroyln Cobbold, project leader for the Manhood Peninsula Partnership, said protecting the character of the area is ‘paramount’ as it is one of the last remaining areas of rural coastal plain in the south of England.

She added: “Bordered by the sea, it is home to a rare and diverse range of wildlife habitats and stunning environments.

“This project aims to increase tourism whilst respecting the area’s fragile environment.”

To find out more about the sustainable tourism in the Manhood Peninsula project contact co-ordinator Dr Jorge Gutic at