Melting tarmac does not stop barefoot walker

Chichester Sea Cadets support Help For Heroes
Chichester Sea Cadets support Help For Heroes

SEA cadets in Chichester have been thanked for their support of a determined barefoot walker who trekked from Southampton to Brighton.

Alan Elliot trained for months for the epic journey, which took two days, to raise money for Help For Heroes.

The weather was so hot that tarmac melted on to his feet and he had to spend several days afterwards recovering.

“Because the weather was so good, it made it so hard for me and nearly impossible,” said Alan.

“The tarmac heated up to such a degree it melted on to my feet. It looked like it was dirt, but it was tarmac.”

Setting off in the early hours of Saturday, June 21, from Southampton, he spent the night in Chichester, put up by the sea cadets. The cadets offered Alan and his fellow walkers the chance to stay overnight, letting them pitch their tents on their grounds and also letting them use their clubhouse. They also provided hot food and drinks and the cadets’ band played the walkers into Chichester.

“I was bowled over by what they did 
for us,” said Alan.

The cadets then went to Brighton as well to support the effort, all to raise money for Help For Heroes.

Alan added he was ‘on the mend’ now, following the lengthy ordeal.

“I’ve been training for this for over a year and I’ve not got one blister,” he said.

Alan was the only one from the group who was barefoot. 
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