Memories planted with blossom lane

Planting memories
Planting memories

RESIDENTS in Somerley have marked the anniversaries of both world wars by planting a commemorative avenue of wild blossom trees.

Hundredsteddle Lane residents planted ten Prunus Pissardi along the lane on Saturday.

Resident Sarah Backhouse said: “The avenue of trees will produce beautiful pink blossom in the spring and will be clearly seen by anyone driving to the coast along Bell Lane.

Fellow neighbour Carolyn Cobbold said: “When the blossom comes out it will be a poignant annual reminder of both wars.”

Hundreddstddle Lane was the administrative centre of the Manhood in the middle ages and te site of the Medieval Court of the Hundreds.

Part of the lane, which lies in the conservation hamlet of Somerley, was the original Roman road which ran from the coast at Bracklesham, to the harbour at Birdham.

The small community of Somerley having been hosting an annual street part in since 2002.