Men brave ten miles of mud, fire and ice

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A TEAM of men named ‘the Nifty Nine’ braved ten muddy miles of arctic obstacles and electric shocks to complete a Tough Mudder Challenge.

Jason Buckner, 45, of Priory Road, and his group of friends from Chichester, aged 18 to 45, raised more than £4,000 for Dimbleby Cancer Care as a thank you for helping his wife Jill, also 45, when she was treated for cancer.

The group, two of whom were barefoot, battled through a ten-mile course with obstacles including a ‘Boa constrictor’, ‘electric eel’ and ‘trench warfare’.

Jason said: “Jill was so brave and strong throughout her treatment that I wanted to be strong for her so this seemed like the most appropriate event.”

Jill was treated in December, 2013, and is now in remission.

The group included Mike McCartney, 30, Paul Wallking, 45, Lee Strange, 44, Andy Pavlou, 29, Richard Manterfield, 22, Joe Knight, 22, Jack Knight, 20, and Mark Knight, 18.

They completed the course last weekend in just under three hours.

“Jack and Andy lost their shoes and socks on the second obstancle known as the ‘mud mile’ and had to run the 
last ten miles barefoot so it took some real determination on their part,” said Jason.

The London course, which resembled a medieval battlefield, is one of Europe’s most gruelling tracks.

They had to run through a field of electric wires and swim 
through muddy water under 20 meters of cage with only inches of breathing room.

They even had to slide on their back down a 10 metre water slide, through a two metre high wall of fire, before being thrown into a pool of muddy water.

They held a final fund raising event at the weekend.

Dimbleby Cancer Care was set up in memory of broadcaster Richard Dimbleby.

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