Message to Midhurst from accident victim’s family


MESSAGES of sympathy and sadness continue to flood into the Observer in the wake of the horrific accident in the town centre on Wednesday (July 9) when a 79 year old woman was killed.

The town is united in grief and shock after the woman was hit by a lorry in front of scores of shoppers.

And today (Friday) members of the woman’s family have sent a message back to the people of Midhurst through the Observer’s Facebook page.

Virginia Ann Coleman-Prisco said: “We want to thank Midhurst for all of your support and kind wishes during the time of our loss. We know you are all suffering from the tragedy surrounding her death. This page has helped keep us informed and comforted. Although we cannot be in Midhurst, we grieve with you in the US and Italy. Thank you, The Incisivo Family.”

One Midhurst woman’s message this morning reflected all those that are pouring into the Observer: “Love and light to you in dark times” she told Josie’s family.

Townspeople are calling for a support and counselling group in the wake of the incident for those who witnessed the horrific accident or were in the town at the time.

“I think it would be a good idea for people to have a support group for the incident,” said one Facebook comment: “I think also that there should be something positive to focus on, perhaps some flowers somewhere, that can help the witnesses’ memories move on and give all who need it, a visual focus of something else to look at and to remember Josie by.”

Another added: “I hope that someone will be setting up a counselling group for the witnesses - some of the people I have spoken to, saw a very horrendous incident unfold in front of them and they are going to need support and an outlet in which they can grieve properly and be helped with an image that will haunt them for many years to come. My thoughts are with all of you.”