Miracle recovery for Chichester cat

Pet Doctors vet Tiekie Van Tonder with Mac who is now looking for a home. ''C111994-1 Chi Mac  Photo Louise Adams
Pet Doctors vet Tiekie Van Tonder with Mac who is now looking for a home. ''C111994-1 Chi Mac Photo Louise Adams
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A local vet is celebrating after a cat made a ‘miracle’ recovery – just in time for Christmas.

When staff at Chichester Pet Doctors first saw Mac the cat, it would be fair to say there was not much hope for him.

Mac was bought into Chichester Pet Doctors around a month ago, after he was found on the side of the road.

He was very wet and cold and had been run over by a car, suffering a broken jaw and his back legs being completely paralysed.

Unfortunately there was no collar or microchip on Mac, and no owner could be found.

After some surgery, Mac’s jaw was wired, but nothing medically could be done to help the cat restore the use of his back legs.

Sue Smith, a vet at Chichester Pet Doctors, said: “The nerves in Mac’s back had been damaged, it wasn’t anything to do with his bone structure.

“However, it takes time for the nerves to grow back, about a millimetre a day.

“Normally with a cat in this situation, we would have put him to sleep, but with Mac, it was just something we couldn’t do.”

The determined vets and nurses decided they were not going to give up on Mac, and set about a regime of regular physiotherapy.

Against all the odds, and in what staff at Chichester Pet Doctors are describing as a ‘Christmas miracle’, Mac the cat has learnt to walk again.

Smith said: “Mac’s doing really well, his walking is getting better and better. It takes him a while to get going when he starts walking, he will stretch his legs out a bit before he starts moving, but he’s even started chasing mice now!

“I must say it is mainly down to the nurses, they showed special dedication in helping Mac get back on his feet.”

Although Mac has made a miraculous recovery, no-one has come forward to claim him and the staff at Chichester Pet Doctors are now looking for a new home for him.

Smith said: “We haven’t really advertised anywhere for him to have a new home, as we wanted to make sure his legs were well enough for him to leave.

“When he was brought in, he had no collar and no microchip, and no-one came forward to collect him, so he is currently homeless.”

Chichester Pet Doctors urges people to come forward and give Mac a loving home. Call 01243 782880 for details.