Missing dog travels 16 miles across Chichester district

Bentley the dog, reunited with owner Rebecca Watson
Bentley the dog, reunited with owner Rebecca Watson
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A DOG has been reunited with its relieved owners after going missing for two weeks and travelling 16 miles across the district.

Bentley, a Labrador, was found in Compton, near South Harting, after wandering off from Fernhurst.

Chichester District Council dog warden Viviane Magrath was called when Bentley turned up in someone’s garden.

“Bentley had a dog tag and was also microchipped so tracing his owners was really easy,” said Viviane.

Bentley’s owners, the Watson family, live in Surrey but Rebecca Watson was working in Fernhurst when the dog went missing.

“We are so happy to have him back,” she said. “We had given up hope because two weeks went by.

“Bentley is now settling in back at home again. I don’t know why he went off like that but it would be really interesting to know what he got up to over those two weeks.

“He had lost some weight but he wasn’t dehydrated so had obviously managed to drink water from somewhere.”

Viviane said: “I am glad we have been able to reunite Bentley with his owner.

“It was also thanks to swift actions of the homeowner in Compton that Bentley is now safely home. Most of the dogs we find as strays do have a home and it is really important that people report finding a stray dog to us.”

Dog owners are legally required to make sure that their dog wears a collar with an identity tag detailing the owner’s name, address and telephone number.

The council’s dog control service is available from 9am to 9pm on 01243 534734 or out of hours on 01243 785166.

For more information see www.chichester.gov.uk/dogcontrol or email contact@chichester.gov.uk.

Details of stray dogs can be found on the district council’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ChichesterDistrictCouncil.