More development for Shopwyke area?

FOLLOWING the decision to give Shopwyke Lakes the thumbs up, another developer has indicated it plans to build homes in the 
immediate area.

Residents received a letter from Osbourne, a construction business based in Surrey. The company owns the Portfield Depot and UMA House in Shopwyke Road, along with an associated company.

The letter said: “The Hanbury Homes planning applications was recently approved by the district council, subject to conditions and it is our understanding that Hanbury intend to start development in the relatively near future.

“It is therefore considered that now is an appropriate time for Osborne to also bring their land forward for redevelopment, and as part of that process we need to regularise the position regarding use of the UMA House access road and car park by occupiers of adjoining properties.”

Osbourne has since met with the residents where it is believed the access rights were discussed.