Motorist calls for cyclist visibility after near miss

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A CONCERNED motorist has called for cyclists to make themselves more visible to drivers.

Michael Burton, from East Lavant, said he nearly failed to see a cyclist who was travelling along a country lane at night.

“It is terrifying,” said Mr Burton.

“You only need to have some headlights momentarily coming the other way and you can’t see someone. I’m scared I’m going to hit someone.

“So many cyclists are invisible at this time of year if they don’t wear flashing lights or some form of fluorescent belt.

“Some cyclists who are experienced have both.”

Mr Burton said he told the cyclist he wasn’t very visible but the cyclist ‘didn’t seem impressed’.

“I found it really upsetting,” said Mr Burton.

“It’s a horrible thing to have to happen.”

Cycling safety tips from West Sussex County Council advise cyclists to fit front and rear lights on their bicycles.

Amber pedal reflectors are also advised and white front and the council said spoke reflectors would also help cyclists to be seen.

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