MP offers support over Chichester area flood claims

AS PARTS of the Observer area continue to deal with the aftermath of the recent flooding, MP Andrew Tyrie is offering support to any constituents making insurance claims.

He has offered to assist in trying to ensure such issues are handled as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

The Chichester MP has also praised the emergency services for all their hard work over the last two weeks.

He said: “The emergency services, local authorities and the Environment Agency have been working hard to reduce the levels of floodwater and help affected communities with the recovery. I think they have done a remarkable job. “The most important issue for flood victims will now be their insurance cover. It is essential that insurance companies deal with claims as quickly as possible.

“Any constituents who are having problems should get in touch with me. I will do what I can to help.

“People in areas at flood risk should follow the advice given by the Environment Agency. They can sign up to the Environment Agency’s free flood warning system by calling 0845 988 1188.”

Any constituents in need of Mr Tyrie’s assistance should contact his office at the House of Commons on 0207 219 5425.