Network Rail raises safety issue over Seaward plans

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TRAFFIC tailbacks could see cars stuck across a level crossing, if 269 new homes get the go-ahead.

This is the view of Network Rail, which has written to Chichester District Council over three proposed developments in Southbourne near two level crossings.

Regarding Seaward Properties’ 112-home plan on land south of Cooks Lane, Elliot Stamp, town planning technician for Network Rail, said: “Due to the narrow nature of Inlands Road, southbound traffic can become blocked leading to the creation of queues.

“As a result, vehicles may become stuck across the level crossing, causing safety issues.”

He said Network Rail was ‘concerned by the potential impact that the proposed development will have on the level crossing located on Inlands Road’.

West of the Inlands Road crossing, there is another crossing in Stein Road, next to Southbourne railway station.

The three proposed developments are for 112 homes for land on the south side of Cooks Lane, 127 homes on land north of the A259 main road and west of Inland Road, and 30 homes at Loveders camping and caravan site, in Inlands Road.

Seaward has submitted a transport statement which accounts for increased numbers of cars from the development, but Mr Stamp said this did not go far enough.

He said Seawards should submit a combined transport assessment for all three sites, looking at the combined impact the developments would have on the crossings.

To view the three applications, visit and search for applications 14/00661/OUT, SB/14/00662/OUT and SB/14/00663/OUT.

The Cooks Lane development is north of the Inlands Road crossing, the other two are south.