New chapter for Chichester’s city centre manager


CITY-centre manager Kim Long has announced she will be reducing her hours as she is heading to university.

This means her role will be split with a new post, and the City Centre Partnership is now looking for a new manager.

Kim will work part-time as the events and projects co-ordinator – which is part of her current role.

On why she’s decided to juggle work and studies, she said: “I always knew I would have to work part-time in some capacity and this is a perfect solution for me. I can carry on supporting the city-centre businesses and working for the partnership.

“To be honest, I have worked hard for nearly three years to bring some of these projects on to the ground and it will be really nice to finish them!”

On her highlights in the job so far, she said: “We need to manage our own city events and marketing.

“So actually being part of getting the BID into place has to be a highlight, along with the first Christmas event I organised which included setting fireworks off over the Cathedral spire and getting the Coca Cola truck into Chichester last Christmas.

“Whatever your views on the commercialisation of Christmas, actually getting a truck that size parked legally in the pedestrian precinct was a massive achievement, in a city brimming with opinions and red tape!”

She will be heading to the University of Chichester to study psychology, something she said she has wanted to do for many years.

“I have been through a lot of personal change since my ex-husband’s accident in 2008 and the course I have chosen will hopefully give me the theory behind the practice, so that in the future I can help others,” said Kim. “Now is my time.”

The City Centre Partnership is using this as an opportunity to change the approach and staffing structure for the BID.

Chairman Andrew Finnamore, said: “We have split the single full-time role of city centre manager into two part-time roles: BID manager, and events and projects co-ordinator.”

Kim will be the events and projects co-ordinator, and will work alongside the BID manager, who will be tasked with delivering against the BID objectives and key performance indicators.

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