Next phase of Chichester parking consultation to be announced in the spring

A MORE detailed consultation on extending the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in Chichester will start this spring if residents back the idea.

Letters and questionnaires were sent to homes and businesses in the city asking if they would like to see any changes made to parking restrictions in their road.

The deadline for submitting comments was December 31 last year.

West Sussex County Council has said going through the responses can take some time and there is no exact date when the next phase will be launched.

If there are any changes a more detailed public consultation and exhibition of proposals will be held.

If any changes were to go ahead, it is likely that these would be introduced around the autumn of 2012.

This consultation is building on a similar exercise carried out in the early part of last year with residents in areas outside of the current CPZ, asking whether they would support the idea of extending the restrictions into their area.

A CPZ is an area where parking is controlled through the day.

Residents, businesses and their visitors are given priority to park by purchasing permits or vouchers.