Noisy neighbour gets hefty fine and equipment seized

AN Emsworth man was taken to court and fined a total of £3,576.37 for repeated breaches of a noise abatement notice.

Sam Austin of Victoria Road, was served with a noise abatement notice on 21 December 2011, by Havant Borough Council after repeated reports of noise from his flat.

As complaints continued, the council were granted, a warrant to enter the property and stop the continuing noise nuisance. All noise making equipment was seized from the flat and Mr Austin was warned that he faced prosecution. Despite this, complaints were still received of noise the following day.

Due to persistent problems with noise and a complete disregard shown for his neighbours, HBC were left with no alternative but to prosecute and collected evidence of eight breaches of the notice.

At Portsmouth Magistrates Court on Tuesday, May 21, Mr Austin failed to appear and was fined £3,576.37.

The council were also granted a forfeiture order for the equipment seized which means Mr Austin will not be able to get the equipment back.

This includes a stereo, two sets of speakers, three televisions, two freeview boxes, a video player, an Xbox 360 and a number of tapes, CDs, DVDs and Xbox games.

Jackie Batchelor, executive head for Environment and Neighbourhood Quality said: “Havant Borough Council takes noise complaints seriously. Unreasonable noise can make life very difficult for neighbours. Mr Austin has clearly shown a total disregard for the people who live near him and I hope the fine he has received and the fact he won’t be getting his equipment back will serve as a warning to other nuisance neighbours.”