Old friends meet again at St Anthony’s School reunion

St Anthonys School reunion
St Anthonys School reunion

FORMER classmates and teachers gathered to share memories at a recent reunion for St Anthony’s School pupils.

The mother of former pupil Darren Longhurst invited his old school friends to come back and catch up with their old buddies.

“A good time was had by all, much fun and laughter throughout the evening as we all caught up with each other’s whereabouts and latest news,” said Jo Longhurst.

“Three members of staff from our reunion era attended which was a great encouragement to us.

“Darren and one of the teachers gave a speech and I put on a buffet.

“This was a very successful venture and I have since heard of more ex-pupils that would like to attend another in the future.

“This is a great accolade to the happiness of the teaching and learning at St Anthony’s School.”

Darren started the school in 1985, and Jo said around 30 of his old school friends and their family turned up for the reunion.

“It was quite humbling,” she said.