Operation day dawns for Chloe

Chloe, with her mum Sue Humphrey. Picture by Kate Shemilt.C130593-4
Chloe, with her mum Sue Humphrey. Picture by Kate Shemilt.C130593-4

TODAY is the day 17-year-old Chloe Humphrey has an operation which could change her life forever.

The wheelchair-bound teenager has cerebral palsy, and is undergoing a spinal operation at the Frenchay Hospital in Bristol today that should enable her to walk.

“She has mixed emotions, as you can imagine,” said her grandmother Lesley last week.

“On Facebook she’s counting down the days. It’s very real. She’s understandably nervous. She knows what the surgery entails and the hard work afterwards.

“It’s her choice. She wants the operation. She knows it’s in a good cause. She’s a little emotional at times.”

Since January, Chloe’s family have looked to raise the £36,000 needed for the operation and the associated physiotherapy afterwards.

A number of events have taken place throughout the city for the campaign and the family have been overwhelmed by the volume of support they have received.

“We’re absolutely staggered,” said Lesley.

“It’s amazing how generous people have been in all sorts of ways. It feels like the whole city has got together.

“It feels like it’s bigger than Chloe. Everybody has got involved.”

Lesley added that since the campaign started, Chloe had really ‘come into her own’, and was no longer the ‘shy teenager’ she had been before.

Speaking, at the weekend, Chloe said: “As the days get closer to my big day, it’s safe to say that I’m getting more and more nervous about it, but as a lot of people know, I cannot wait for my life to change forever and so much for the better, too.

“The response that I have had through my campaign is just amazing.

“It’s really showed that this has been possible and I just can’t thank everyone enough, I really can’t.

“I’m just so touched at how generous the public have been. Thank you everyone.”

Lesley and Chloe’s mum Sue will be splitting time in Bristol with Chloe while she is in hospital, along with other family members.

The family are especially grateful to a Bristol man who has opened his home to them while Chloe is in hospital.

Lesley added the man had been in Chichester and seen the posters and adverts and contacted the family.

“We’ve been extremely lucky,” added Lesley.

To donate to Chloe, visit www.chloesnewlegs.org.uk