Antiques Corner by Patrick Van de Vorst

A Faberg� diamond and peridot necklace
A Faberg� diamond and peridot necklace

THIS week we value a Fabergé diamond and peridot necklace, created by workmaster August Hollstrom, under the Faberge House.

It comprises 13 gem-quality cushion-cut peridots with diamond surrounds, linked by diamond floral sprays, 56 standard.

The necklace was made between the years 1857 and 1903 in the St Petersburg Faberge factory.

The necklace was part of a collection of three pieces, necklace, earrings and bracelet.

There are no recorded photos of the collection. Most jewellery of the Faberge Houses of St Petersburg and Moscow were confiscated during the Russian Revolution of 1918.

The jewellery was sold off for its stones and the gold and silver was melted down for currency exchange.

This necklace surfaced in the late 1970s and was eventually purchased by its current owner in 1996 after the authentification was complete.

All Faberge’s jewels conjure the vision of a bygone era of sumptuous refinement, and unrestrained luxury.

Our specialists valued the piece at £200,000-£300,000.