Because You’re Worth It with Emily Thorpe

BE selfish. Imagine if someone said to you ‘You are so selfish’ and you were able to reply ‘Yes I am, thank you’ and truly believe it was a compliment.

People would think you were crazy.

But I would like to put forward a case for being selfish, for living your life to the full, the way you want to, in line with who you are.

I am not talking about hurting others in the process but being true to yourself and following your bliss. We all want to be considerate and caring, but there are times when people go too far the other way and put everyone else’s needs above their own.

I am not advocating being self-obsessed but rather being self-focused.

And there are several advantages to this mindset.

Firstly, selfish people tend to be healthier because they want to take care of themselves.

Instead of running themselves ragged putting others needs first, they prioritise their own wellbeing.

Selfish people can also be more successful as they go after their goals unapologetically and strive to get what they want.

Even in relationships a selfish person can come up trumps. Because of their desire to please themselves and feel good, they are less likely to be taken advantage of or manipulated.

Finally because selfish people tend to spend more time doing what they want to do or enjoy, they can also be a happier bunch too.

If you’re not yet convinced here is one more thought.

Imagine if someone asked you to do something and because you didn’t want to do it you said ‘no’.

When they retort, ‘You are being selfish’, they are really saying ‘You shouldn’t do what makes you happy, you should do what makes me happy’.

Now that does sound selfish?!