COLUMN: My number 1 weight loss secret

Nick Walsh
Nick Walsh

Welcome to the latest blog by personal trainer Nick Walsh. This time Nick looks at calories.

Women want to lose weight. For many, the number of attempts are endless and only some of those attempts are sprinkled with successes.

You diet and you drop some weight but you always seem to end up devouring a whole cake left with nothing but icing on your chin. The truth of the matter is; diets don’t work. Most of them are unrealistic and far too difficult to sustain.

Your daily caloric intake is the reason you are not losing weight.

When you take in more calories than you burn, the number on the scale goes up and nothing zips up. To avoid this and lose weight, take a look at what you eat in a day.

Keep track of everything you consume, food AND drink. Then determine the average amount of calories that you have consumed on that day. At this point some may hold their head down in shame while others will say, “I’m not doing too bad”. Either way, don’t worry. You are going to lose the wobble and look amazing as long as you commit to the changes.

The major change required is reducing your caloric intake. This doesn’t mean you have to cut out all carbohydrates, go on a juice diet or any other crazy diet that the latest celebrity is doing.

At The Performance Project (Haywards Heath) we advise looking at areas where you can make adjustments that aren’t going to affect you too much. Instead of having two biscuits with your tea, have one.

Instead of having sugar, have sweetener. Make small changes and be consistent with it.

Yes, fewer calories are required but that decrease doesn’t have to be accompanied by hunger. No one should have to experience hanger (hunger induced anger).

To stay happy and full, look at eating foods that are high in volume and lower in calories as well. Fruit and vegetables are a great example of this.