Easter encouragement

The first Holy Week was an eventful time. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey to proclaim that he was God's King.

Wednesday, 28th March 2018, 5:25 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:15 am

Next day he visited the Temple in Jerusalem where he threw out the money changers and traders.

Later in the week Jesus authority as a preacher and teacher was challenged by the Religious leaders in Jerusalem. He is condemned by the religious authorities and one of his disciples Judas agrees to betray him. Jesus disciples failed to watch and pray whilst Jesus was up the Mount of Olives in prayer with his Father in Heaven.

Jesus was then betrayed, arrested, spat at, tried, beaten up by a troop of Roman guards, abused, stripped and finally crucified on the Cross at Calvary. If the story of Jesus ended at this moment then it would have been a story without hope. In Acts 10:34-43 in the Bible, we see some great truths from the first Easter Story.

Verse 34 – Jesus is put to death by hanging on a tree

Verse 40- God raised Jesus on the third day and made him manifest. In other words he appeared to others with a new spiritual body

Verse 41 – there were witnesses to the Risen Christ Jesus

Verse 43 – Whoever believes in Jesus receives forgiveness of sins through his name

Jesus came to the world to die for sins and he perfectly fulfilled his calling to die for the sins of the world; the sins of you and me. The Bible assures us that all who call upon the name of Jesus for salvation will be saved of their sin, and this assurance was ratified by what Jesus did at the cross in shedding his precious blood for the remission of sin.

Believe in Jesus today and know the blessing of sins forgiven!