Council has chosen softest target for cuts

I am bitterly disappointed that our local government has chosen the softest target for its further cost cuts for 2019/20 savings.

Thursday, 27th September 2018, 1:00 pm

The homeless, young people from a care background, the mentally ill and those with a learning disability will all be the victims of reducing ‘Supporting People’ funding’.

But of course these people are invisible, vulnerable and may rarely vote, so it is understandable why they do not have a strong political voice or any influence.

If the current local administration really feels appalled at the choices they are being asked to make by central government, they should stand down as Conservative members and stand as Independents and lobby the Government to stop this austerity programme to local government.

Not only is this policy causing misery and distress to vulnerable people in our society, but it will have a massive knock-on effect in A&E departments and in hospital bed-blocking and precious police time dealing with social/housing care matters.

As we are now functioning as a third-world country, it would be better to be honest about this in local government and declare openly that we can no longer provide the ‘basics of a civilised country’, rather than continuing to hide this away in policies which simply delay the inevitable decay and demise of local accountability.

Karen Guy, Cleveland Road, Chichester