DAWN GRACIE If you mean business, dress for success

Do our clothes really have an effect on our success in business and should we dare to stand out from the crowd?

If you work from home and enjoy the luxury of not having to adhere to a particular dress code each day then you can pretty much do as you like.

There’s no need to even get dressed if you can simply wander from kettle to keyboard.

However, I learned a long time ago that this can actually have a negative effect on productivity.

Business mind set comes from being focused, and being under-dressed can also mean being unorganised.

Gay Richardson of Sussex-based www.StyleMe Confident.co.uk agrees: “Clothes have the power to transform how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you.”

So whether you are face-to-face with a client, networking with prospects or on the telephone, think about the image you wish to project, and and if you are ‘selling’ your message as you intend.

I think women have a tougher job than men given the variety of clothing options, but on the other hand, this vast flexibility means we have many ways in which to stamp our personality on our business style and ‘stand out’ as much as we dare.

Personally I always aim to be remembered by what I wear and as a vintage entertainer I spend around four days out of seven in fifties attire and being noticed is key to my success in business.



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