DAWN GRACIE Is it time to tackle your discomfort zone?

WE’VE all got our own comfort zones and during the past few years, I’ve been known to have stepped out of mine to great effect – and even caused some raised eyebrows amongst my colleagues.

I have to admit that I’ve become a little addicted to my visits to the ‘other side’.

The twists and turns of my business life have meant that the trips there have become more frequent and usually, more challenging.

For some women in business, especially those who have been out of the workspace for a few years bringing up children, stepping into the discomfort zone can be something as simple as business networking or even attending an interview for a new 

So why do I encourage people to enter their discomfort zones when the very name implies that it be an area of fear, anxiety, pain and one to be avoided at all costs? Well, that’s exactly why!

If you live every week doing the same things, with the same people and same chores, then how will you ever be challenged and allow yourself to grow, to develop and to really thrive?

So next time life presents you with an, ‘Oh, I couldn’t possibly do that’, I urge you to go ahead and do it anyway.

You will feel truly alive!

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