DAWN GRACIE Is your story too good to be hidden away?

SOMETHING amazing happened last week: I read a book.

Now this might sound odd, but it’s a fact that most of my working life is like a whirlwind, and sitting down to read a book isn’t something I ever do.

At best, I like to chill out watching some trashy TV, but that’s called effortless relaxation. No thought or concentration required.

However, last week at my monthly Mumpreneurs Networking Club meeting, I bought a book from one of my members, Susan Cowe.

She has been talking about writing this book for some time now and I was curious to have a read, because I’ve known Susan for a few years and this is a huge achievement.

In next week’s column I will talk to Susan about how it feels to be an author, but in the meantime I’ll leave you with these questions.

Is there a book within all of us? Is our story too good to be kept hidden away?

Would our honest tale help or inspire someone else through their journey?

Having read Susan’s page-turner from cover to cover in one sitting, which is unheard of, I think the answer will certainly be a big YES.

You can order her book via the website at www.surviveandthriveaftertrauma.com