DAWN GRACIE: Like buses, all my coverage came along at once!

WELL, it seems I got lucky in the media last week.

A handful of mentions in the Observer, an almighty fuss in the Brighton press and some regional radio coverage.

Sometimes I can be beavering away with press releases and pestering the relevant media contacts and get nada, yet as per

the proverbial bus, it all came along at once last week.

Some more controversial news seemed to cause a kerfuffle in various sectors and, even though I was a little nervous as to how that would pan out, it seems to have given more of a boost to business than my more standard press ramblings.

Many jokes were made about the paper being renamed The Gracie Bugle and The Dawn Observer, which amused me greatly, because while it might seem I’m ‘always in the paper’, it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance, I’ll have you know. Any PR person will vouch for that!

I didn’t just get a lucky week, it was the culmination of working for many hours at various events, planning future shows, and lots of late-night emails.

I do get booked for events where the press are in attendance, so coverage is inevitable and of course I’m very grateful for every bit of it.

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