DAWN GRACIE New venture joins the retail merry-go-round

IT IS easy to only notice the bad news in the press regarding the closure of well-known shops, however, my cockles were well and truly warmed on Facebook this week when I stumbled across the news of a new independent shop opening in The Hornet in March.

I met with the entrepreneurial Iris Menker for a coffee and slice of carrot cake to get the lowdown on this new and innovative retail idea.

Having moved to Chichester from Germany just over a year ago, Iris has had the dream of opening her own shop for many years and being a creative lady herself, she fell in love with our great city’s love of all things nostalgic, crafty and vintage.

Iris wanted to offer traders she’d met at vintage fairs a place to display their wares in a showroom-style outlet.

The Carousel will be offering shelf space plus two workspace showroom studios for traders and creators of quality items and Iris has already received a great deal of interest via social media so I urge you to drop by her website and make contact if this concept shop sounds right up your street. I for one will be popping in!

For more details on the new venture, log on to www.the-carousel.co.uk

n Email Dawn at dawn@dawngracie.com