DAWN GRACIE: Putting my love of fashion towards a very worthy cause

Dawn Gracie
Dawn Gracie

IT CAN be tiring responding to countless charity requests for donations, raffle prizes and, in my case, free entertainment services.

If your business sells a product, then you will have no doubt been approached at some point by a charity, looking to raise funds.

I think most of us like to feel we are charitable souls and perhaps have a particular cause close to our hearts, but it’s worth making a clear decision about the key charity you and your business supports.

So while I’m not suggesting you choose only one and ignore the rest, it’s good to have an identified cause to give you focus and a firm addition to your company mission statement.

I have fundraised for and supported St Wilfrid’s Hospice since living in Chichester and often put my time and effort their way. As I’m not one to be skydiving or running marathons, I’m very pleased to announce I have just become the local ambassador for Handbags for Hospices which combines my love of fashion, events and fundraising for my local hospices.

I will be joining the team for a fabulous handbag auction evening at Lavant House on June 20, so come and bag a bargain all in the name of fundraising! See www.handbagsforhospices.co.uk