DAWN GRACIE: Stay safe in this cyber world which is so key to business

IN THE past few months I’ve witnessed something very upsetting and I feel I must alert you to the phenomenon that is cyber bullying.

A friend, and highly-respected businesswoman I have had the pleasure of knowing for a few years and watched her business flourish, has suffered at the hands of this cowardly and malicious act.

Something I’d previously brushed off as a childish act that small-minded individuals do to amuse themselves, and assumed the victims could simply turn off their computers and ignore until it goes away.

However, now I have seen what this abominable thing can cause and how it can affect the victim, I am sickened by the lengths the bullies will go to,

and even more sickening is the fact a person with a grudge can employ professionals to carry out the heinous act.

Bullies thrive on response and soon tire if ignored, but this can be very difficult when social media is key to business and bad news travels so much faster than good, making gossip impossible to ignore.

So my advice is, to check your social media security settings, change your passwords and consider using a PO Box address and separate phone line for business.

Stay safe.