Disappointed by Chichester’s new entry signs

I write with considerable disappointment about the new road signs which have been placed at the entry points into Chichester.

Thursday, 14th March 2019, 10:20 am
Updated Thursday, 14th March 2019, 11:41 am
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As co-chairman of Whyke Residents Association, though I write in a personal capacity, I am at a loss to understand why there was no consultation with local interest groups before the final design was chosen.

Yes, we are the county town of West Sussex; yes, we are twinned with a couple of European towns; both of these may be interesting facts, but are of peripheral interest to the majority of visitors to Chichester, while matters of more pressing importance have been overlooked.

What drivers entering our town really need to know and to be reminded of is their speed.

An ideal opportunity to reiterate this important message has been lost. For example ‘Please Drive carefully’, or a similarly worded message would have helped, particularly as most entry points are from roads which have higher speed limits.

Whyke Road is a good example of the problem where many drivers leaving the A27 seem to find it difficult to adjust their speed to the statuary 30mph limit.

The location of the new sign at the end of Whyke Road has been less than helpful in this regard, as it has almost completely obscured the existing and more important 30mph speed limit sign.

Lots of money seems to have been spent on a ‘window dressing’ exercise with no practical benefit to Cicestrians, or meaningful information for our visitors.

Alan Carn, Whyke Road, Chichester