KELLY BROWN: After a child-free weekend, I could not wait to get back to them...

AM I mad, a glutton for punishment or do I just adore my little ones too much?

Well it is probably a combination of all the above if I’m being completely honest.

At the weekend I went to Dorset for a couple of days as part of my friend’s pre-wedding send-off.

Yes, the hen weekend had landed and it was fantastic.

But as soon as it was over, I was desperate to get home to see my little munchkins.

It is like I’m addicted to being run off my feet. Or maybe it is just their cuddles I can’t get enough of.

I had some very big cuddles as they waved me off on the Friday and I drove off into the middle of nowhere with the bride I was escorting to the big occasion.

Cue a couple of hours of singing cheesy songs and having a natter – as well as seeing enough cows, sheep and tractors to fill Wembley stadium!

As we and the other guests arrived – including other mummies – we unpacked our packs, had a much-needed drink and settled in for a child-free evening which did not involve negotiations over bedtimes stories 
and cleaning someone else’s teeth.

Instead it involved a take-away, silly presents and games, lots of bottles of bubbly and a hot tub! Not a child in sight or sound. Peace.

Now of course the next morning I would have had a lay in, but that stupid body clock of mine decided by 6.15am that I had had enough sleep.

And I was not the only one, as all the other mums congregated in the kitchen at stupid o’clock, clutching our cuppas, while those without children slept.

The Saturday was filled with a relaxing swim, bucks fizz, garden games and a picnic filled with grown-up ingredients – with not a Pom Bear to be found.

And the evening was another fun-filled fiesta with more games, prosecco and a three-course meal which I actually ate while it was hot instead of being left to go lukewarm while I sorted out two little people.

It was a fantastic weekend – but the second it was over, all I – and the other mummies – wanted to do was race home again to see our little ones.

We just can’t help ourselves!

The magic of sand

I THINK sand must have magic powers, because it seems to have the ability to entertain my children for hours.

They both love their little sand table and spend ages making shapes, filling a bucket, moving it from one container to the other and then starting again.

And on Sunday, after spending ages playing with sand in their own garden, they played with the sandpit at their grandparents!