KELLY BROWN: After all the festive hype it is time to think about 2014

AFTER all the hype, all the rushing around and all the madness of Christmas – we all knew it was going to be over like a flash in a pan.

The build-up always seems never-ending, with the selection packs in the shops in September, the festive music starting in October and the visits to the big man in red starting in November.

But the day itself blinks by in a whiz of wrapping paper, tinsel and brussels sprouts, making you wonder what all the fuss was about.

That said, I know my little ones are going to be opening the last of their Christmas presents for many more days to come and there are still a few more family get-togethers planned, which is what it is all about really.

But no sooner has the last cracker been pulled do we come under pressure to look at the new year.

To start with, there is all that ‘new year, new you’ pressure which seems subliminally to say ‘go on a diet’ whether you need to or not.

There is also all the debate about whether or not we should make a new year’s resolution. And then, of course, whether or not we keep it!

To be honest, my only resolution is to have a better 2014 than I did a 2013.

Apart from a handful of exceptions, it seems to have been a fairly naff year for lots of folk, with serious illnesses, lost jobs and family break-ups and problems featuring heavily for so many people I know.

I unexpectedly found myself left to be a single parent this year and that has taken its toll. So the general feeling is that 2014 has to be a better year for everyone, surely?

One thing is for sure, it is going to be a busy one.

My little man starts school in September, my little girl turns two, meaning we can do even more together, and I have 1,001 things which need to be done in the house.

But first thing is first for January 2014... looking for a holiday. Yes I know, I will have just had some time off with Christmas.

But it is not quite the same, With all that festive running around, I need a another break because I’m exhausted!