KELLY BROWN: All the girls will be hitting the town for a night out – if we can stay awake

IT’S a girls’ night out for me this weekend – I just hope I don’t feel too old by the end of it.

By a complete fluke, four of us happen to all be free this weekend so instead of a group trip to the cinema or a meal round one of our houses, we are going to hit the town.

Now, I’m sure our girls’ night won’t resemble a scene from Sex in the City or even a night from my teens.

But there is sure to be food, a few drinks and a bit of dancing to be had.

To be honest, I’ve never been one for a complete mad night of drunken antics in that slightly inaccurate stereotypical picture of all young people.

Spending the night being sick on the side of the road and the next day wondering what had happened the previous night has (for some strange reason) never appealed to me.

But I do hold my hands up to going out without a coat (to save a pound in the clockroom – and save queueing).

Those days have long gone. Now I’m all wrapped up in a big coat, hat, gloves, thermals... okay maybe not quite, but almost!

I also hold my hand up to having a couple of glasses of wine before getting into a taxi to go out, to save money instead of spending it on wine while I was out.

Now I tend to drive and when I don’t drive, I savour my drink to save money. (Oh, I do sound like a cheapskate don’t I!).

And as for late nights? Well thanks to the joys of parenthood I can barely keep my eyes open after 10pm.

BUT, I’m not going to let a lack of cash or tiredness stand in the way of a good night out – and nor are my friends I am normally forced to catch up with over a playdate.

So a table is being booked for a meal where we can have a proper catch-up without being interrupted by little ones every few minutes and then forgetting what we were talking about.

Then we will have a couple of drinks and if we feel like going crazy, we may also have a little dance – and ignore the fact a large proportion of the people out and about are in their 20s (and therefore making me feel old).

Nope, even if I am half asleep at 10pm, I’m soldering on – I may just need a bit of a lie-in next day though!

A longer storytime

LIKE a predictor, children know just how to ‘pick-off’ the weakest (or softest) member of the herd.

Last night my folks were round when it was the children’s bedtime and I asked my son who he would like to read him a bedtime story. ‘Grandad!’

Because, of course, grandad is not only cuddly, but he can also be wrapped around my son’s finger, making storytime just a few minutes longer!