KELLY BROWN: Bah humbug to all those getting excited about Christmas in September!

SHAKIN’ Stevens on the radio in September? Not necessarily a bad thing – except it was a Christmas song.

Yes it seems some people are well and truly on the countdown to the festive season because there are now fewer than 100 days to go. How utterly bonkers.

You can forgive children for being over-excited about the day Santa pays a visit and we celebrate Christmas.

After all, the prospect of a lovely day filled with toys, games, family and treats is an appealing one.

But for a grown-up it seems a little over the top to be excited by Christmas already when the last few reminders of summer remain.

Why would you want to wish the rest of the year away for one day?

I’m still clinging on to the acceptability of wearing my flip flops at the weekend because it is still warm enough (just about).

And on top of that, I’m still enjoying the fact it is possible for me to hang out my washing as well as go out without a coat.

Long may that continue.

But of course it does not matter how much I protest about the fact Christmas is artificially ‘almost here’, I know the festive season will soon be almost everywhere.

In the toy shops, the pre-Christmas offers and deals are already on display and in the supermarkets, the big tins and boxes of assorted chocolates sit in pride of place on 
the shelves.

I’m pretty sure I also spotted a few selection packs although I have tried really hard to banish the memory from my mind.

Most definitely too early for that one! I mean, who is buying them for goodness sake?

And so I make a pledge to avoid all things festive until at least November, when it becomes far more socially acceptable to discuss the festive season.

But I fear I may be in the minority of people actively avoiding all things Christmas, with more and more of us sucked in to the enchanted work of sleigh bells and reindeers!

But until then it is a most definite bah humbug from me. And there is nothing wrong with that!