KELLY BROWN: Breakfast in bed is a lovely treat which my son is happy to dish up

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

MY LITTLE man is cute beyond words at the moment – he keeps bringing me breakfast in bed.

I didn’t ask him to start doing it, I promise. It is just something he has decided he wants to do for me.

Now obviously I’m not talking about a full English, complete with pastries and coffee.

In fact, it is a lovely bowl of dry Sheddies – not exactly the first thing I reach for at 5.45am.

And, come to think of it, he tends to help himself to my breakfast anyway.


But who cares? My three-year-old little boy is trying to look after me and is doing something absolutely lovely.

I think it is almost a rite of passage which all children must go through at some stage.

I remember when I was a child, colluding with my brother to make breakfast in bed for my parents.

And our early rise and hard work in the kitchen resulted in a feast of burnt toast and cold tea.


But again, it didn’t matter to my folks – it was the thought which counted.

Children really can be so selfless and just want to do nice things for no reason other than they are gorgeous little monkeys.

And it almost makes you forget that temper tantrum or that naughty episode the day before. Almost!

My friend told me her little boy, who is only a couple of months older then mine, has also started bring her breakfast in bed.

But she is a little jealous of my bowl of Shreddies, which is an improvement on what she is presented with by her little man – plastic food.

Hey, it is the thought which counts remember.

Actually, maybe I had better prepare myself in a couple of years when my son and daughter attempt a joint breakfast – and wait for that smoke detector to sound.

It can be the theme tune to their big production of making that ultimate breakfast in bed for all parents.

I think burnt toast and cold tea is in my future!

Holiday nightmare

SO IN another epic display of passing the buck, the government has decided schools could be allowed to set their own term dates.

This avoids any blame for them for shortening the summer holidays.

If the latest plans are approved then schools will either spend time agreeing on dates, or parents with children at more than one school face a holiday nightmare.

Just another thing to worry about!