KELLY BROWN: Excitement at last about school, but are ‘boy’ teachers better than ‘girls’?

FINALLY, my little man is getting excited about school.

I was starting to get a little bit worried because all he kept telling me was he did not want to go.

He wants to stay at nursery with his friends, was his standard reply, and when I pointed out to him that his friends were also going to school, he was unimpressed.

‘But not all of my best friends are going to my school,’ was his next objection.

And he was really upset. He hates change anyway and leaving behind a nursery and friends he has had for more than four years is a big deal for a child.

And then came a taster session and visit to his school – and everything changed.

He can’t wait to go and I can’t tell you how relieved I am.

Having met his teacher, been in his new classroom and seen all the fun things it has, he has decided school is not so bad after all.

He has discovered he is going to be a Wagtail – in keeping with the animal theme he has at nursery – and his teacher is a man.

“Boy teachers are better than girl teachers, mummy,” he cheerily told me.

Well, that is a debate for another time, but needless to say, if he is happy he has a male teacher, then I am happy too. And he has discovered his classroom has lots of interesting things, especially things to build and make – and weigh!

And we only explored a tiny portion of his new classroom area which is all open-plan with three other reception classes and full of exciting items.

We didn’t even get to the outside classroom – that is a destination for Monday, I think, when we have another taster session at the school.

And, best of all, he asked me the following day ‘can I go to school tomorrow?’ I’m so pleased!

What I’m not so happy about though is every time I go to the school, I either come back with more paperwork to fill it or am out of pocket buying uniform.

More than £30 later I have so far only bought three tops, a jumper and a school bag. I guess I’m going to have to get used to that!

Is it all over yet?

IS THE world cup in Brazil still going on, you ask?

Well if you had forgotten about it before, we were all reminded about it on Tuesday night – at the expense of the host nation. I was one of the millions who tuned in to see Brazil’s stunning defeat. History indeed!

Fans will be eagerly anticipating Sunday’s final – and those not really bothered will be pleased to hear their television viewing will soon return to normal.