KELLY BROWN: Four grey hairs! Should I rush out and buy a bottle of hair dye?

HELP – I’m getting old. Or at least it finally looks as though I am.

At the weekend I found not one, not two, but FOUR grey hairs while I was straightening my locks prompting that dilemma of whether or not I should rush down the shops and instantly purchase an array of hair dye.

Of course it is not the first time I have found a grey hair. But in the past it has been a rogue strand which could be easily removed, thus preserving my full head of uncoloured and ungrey hair.

But, tomorrow I turn 33 and it seems my body feels the need to remind me of the fact that despite still feeling like a school girl at times, I am in fact a grown-up woman who is only getting older.

Of course there are times when I feel old.

Like when it dawns on me one of my colleagues at work was born in the 1990s, when I spot someone my mum’s age admiring that top I like in the shop, or the day I found out I was statistically too old to listen to Radio 1 any more.

And there are probably times when I look old - actually probably substitute that for tired - courtesy of my two little monkeys who make me feel both ancient and young at the same time.

Who else can make you feel like a kid when they excitedly play their toys with you and then in the next breath make you feel positively prehistoric when they tell you they think you are really old?

I remember being told time and time again my my own parents it is your kids which make you go grey, and looking at the evidence they are not wrong. I’ve had two children for six months and my hair is suddenly saying enough is enough.

Maybe it is the lack of sleep, maybe it is the juggling of work and home life, or maybe it is just a sheer coincidence of timing.

But whatever it is I have found myself at one of those quiet crossroads of life. Do I just grow old ‘gracefully’, or do I put up a fight.

As well as having the hair dye in one hand at the shop do I have some form of anti-ageing cream in the other in an attempt to ward off that next ageing step - wrinkles? (Yikes)

The jury is out about what I am going to do, but fighting the ageing process does sound a little depressing. Not to mention expensive!