KELLY BROWN: Going in search of those deals for tourist attractions while I still can ...

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

IT is a delicate balance of saving money, dodging the school holidays and going when your children are the ‘right’ age.

Heading to the big tourist attractions can be an expensive business.

For a family or four (not to mention a larger family) you can easily spend three figures just on the cost of getting into it, let alone anything else.

Add on the cost of travel, packed lunches and the inevitable treats, and a day out to that theme park, zoo or wherever else has cost you the same as a weekend away in Europe.

With that in mind I’ve made sure I made the most of the ‘free for under threes’ rule at most places. That is until my son turned three – okay maybe slightly afterwards, but don’t tell anyone!

I’m still able to get him in for free to places like Paulton’s Park because he is under a metre tall, but just big enough to go on more of the rides now. So it will be one last summer of watching the height chart.

Otherwise I know I will turn up one day and get a nasty shock when they suddenly demand I actually pay for him to go inside.

Obviously I’m still not paying for my little lady, but the time will come.

And anyway while I would take her to places like the zoo, I wouldn’t really take her to a big theme park yet because she is just too small to appreciate it. She would much rather play in her sandpit!

Someone mentioned Chessington to me the other day – somewhere the cost on the gate for just me and my little man would set me back £60.

But I’ve found a bargain deal if I book the day before and go in the week it will cost £18 for the park and its attractions next door. Result!

I’m really going to have to do my research and find some more bargains before the school holidays hit and I steer clear of anything tourist-related until September. I’ve still got one more year of not worrying about that and so I’m going to make the most of it.

Mind you, what are the odds if I book tickets and take him to somewhere ‘exciting’ he would inform me he would rather stay at home with his sandpit as well?

What changes?

SO THE geniuses at the top are revamping our secondary education system – by swapping letters for numbers.

Giving kids a 1 grade instead of an A (or whatever it is) is just one of the daft ‘measures’ to make exams tougher – codeword for back to the days of O-levels.

I sat GCSEs and I did all the things ‘proposed’ in the so-called changes.

Yes, tweaks always need to be made to make sure all children get the best education, but children are not political footballs.

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