KELLY BROWN: Her spots are not fazing her but it is horrible seeing my girl be poorly

‘MUMMY, spots!’ my daughter keeps telling me. Yes folks, the chickenpox has landed.

The poor little mite is absolutely caked in spots and her skin looks like it is red raw.

Not that she really complains, she is such a little trooper and has been continuing to run around like a little loony as much as she can.

Then all of a sudden it becomes a little too much and she tells me where ‘it hurts’ and she just wants a cuddle.

After some comfort and cream, she is then off again like a little rocket.

And, of course, there is the magic cure which is water.

Nothing hurts or bothers the poorly little ones so long as they can spend time just splashing around in the bath and having fun.

If only I could turn the house into one little water park then my girl would forget all about the spots she is insisting on showing off like a badge of honour.

She is being so brave, but as a parent, watching your little one suffering is just so heartbreaking.

The worst thing in the middle of the night is when they really need medicine but they are so tired/hot/groggy they just don’t want to know.

And of course you can’t reason with them so you are forced to resort to bribery, trickery or 
just holding them still while you get them to have just one little bit of the liquid which will make them feel so much better.

So they eventually fall back to sleep for an indeterminate period of time while you try to get some sleep – but you can’t because you are listening out for their cries.

Still, it is a skill parents seem to have that we can juggle everything, keep the non-sick child reasonably happy and function on the barest amount of sleep.

My two are such outdoorsy children they hate being cooped in, so I’m so glad we managed to get in an Easter egg hunt and a walk in the woods before she became ill.

And my son has been a little star and spent the rest of the bank holiday weekend organising mini Easter egg hunts around the house for her.

But I still wish I had a magic wand to make her all better!

Chocolate guilt

THE problem with Easter at my house is it reveals just how strict I am about chocolate at home.

While kind-hearted family and friends are happily handing over their chocolate gifts to my little ones, I am taking a quick glance in the cupboard.

And what do I find? Christmas chocolate! So those little bunnies are being stashed right next to reindeers.

Now I do feel a little bit guilty!