KELLY BROWN: His school place is now secured – at last I can start the planning...

HE’S in – and thank goodness for that, though it does make my little man suddenly seem a little more grown-up.

Yes, like thousands of parents across the country, I was checking my emails just after 6am on D-Day to hear the verdict.

Had my son got into my first choice primary school? Well, thankfully, the answer is yes and I am so relieved.

I had been determined not to get too stressed about applying for a school place.

After watching many of my friends go through it before me and agonise over which schools to apply for, I decided that was something I really 
did not want to go through.

Anyway, the school in my catchment area is close, not too big, has a good reputation and a nice feel to it. But not everyone who applies gets in!

So while the processes of selecting a first-choice school were easy, the three-month wait to find out if the application had been successful seemed like an eternity.

Not that I am especially desperate to get him to school, although being a September baby, he is most definitely more than ready to go.

But it is the more practical side of things. 
I have not been able to do any planning at all.

There is the tricky issue of the drop-off and pick-up before school and after school – while still juggling work, nursery for my daughter, travel time, doing the food shopping and all that other jazz.

While with nursery you have an extra couple of hours to play with to fit everything in or to run late, school finishes in the middle of the afternoon.

And then there are the school holidays to consider – again something which is not even a consideration 
with nursery.

So now it is the childminder vs school holiday club decision which will have to be made for those school holiday days where I am unable to take holiday. Then there will be buying the uniform, shoes and plimsolls to look forward to.

And then I have only one year until I have to start applying for my daughter – and go through this all over again.


Let them grow!

THE sunflowers have finally been planted. So let the growing competition begin!

Every year the flowering giants are planted in my garden, sparking much excitement about which one is going to be the tallest.

I just hope with both of my little ones being so desperate to water and ‘look after’ the plants, they don’t fall victim to a case of drowning or over-enthusiastic TLC!