KELLY BROWN: I can never really remember old I am – is it a sign of growing old?

HOW old am I? It’s a question I find I have to keep asking myself because for some reason I never seem to remember.

Maybe it is forgetfulness brought on by age. Maybe it is a symptom of a society where age matters less. Maybe it is complete denial!

But when I listen to small children excitedly compare ages or tell others about their birthday parties, it makes me realise just how little attention I am actually paying to getting older.

This week’s episode of ‘how old am I again?’ was brought on by a conversation at work about BBC Breakfast presenter Susanna Reid who sparked a bit of a Twitter frenzy after an apparently ‘flirty’ interview.

It turns out she is 42 – something my friend and I were surprised about because we thought she was younger.

That is until we started doing a bit of maths.

Because it is obvious she is about ten years older than we are, so of course she is going to be in her early forties... because we are in our early thirties.

Wait, when did that happen again? I thought I was still 29.

(See, I told you denial had kicked in!)

I’m only 33 but I still have to sit and think about how old I am when people ask me, because I don’t think I feel any older than I did the day I left school.

Just more tired!

When did your age become something to forget?

It’s not that no longer being in my twenties really bothers me (much).

It is just this age-associated forgetfulness seems to have just have just crept up and stayed with me.

But thank goodness I am not alone as it seems to be happening to everyone who is not a child.

Still, I’m sure if I keep reminding myself every day I’m 33 it will eventually stick with me.

That is until my birthday later this month – when I have to go through this all again!

Actually, maybe that is the reason why I never bother to remember my age. It is just too much trouble and in a world where I am juggling 101 things at once, it is one less thing to worry about.

It’s pumpkin time

THE time of pumpkins and squashes is approaching – as well as copious amounts of soup making!

The arrival of Halloween stuff (including plastic pumpkins) is an extra reminder to what the weather is telling us: autumn is here.

My son already has his request in to carve a few pumpkins, and he loves making soup, so I can see I’m going to be in for a busy time.