KELLY BROWN: I have no idea what I am doing, but that does not seem to matter!

IF I EVER fancied a career change, then I always thought I would consider being a teacher.

Not a secondary school teacher – that is a profession designed for braver souls than me.

The idea of trying to educate and entertain a classroom of teenagers would send me into a cold sweat.

But smaller children? Yes I think I could maybe just about manage that.

And now I have my own children, I really know the delight of watching little ones grow and develop.

Whether we mean to or not, we grown-ups really do influence how children develop, so it is great when you see your deliberate efforts pay off.

At the moment I’m finding myself cast in the role of ‘teacher’ for my son as I embark on my efforts to teach him how to read.

For about year now I have been telling him about the alphabet, the letters and the sounds they make and he is now at the stage where he remembers the majority.

All good news if he had started school in September because the teachers would have then picked up the mantle.

But he missed out by a couple of weeks, leaving me with the option of either leaving it and seeing what he picks up without my trying – or trying to teach him myself. And I could see he was completely ready to carry on his learning so I opted for the latter option.

Now to be completely honest, I really have no idea what I am doing. I’ve read a couple of mini books and got a few games, but that’s about the extent of it.

But I have thrown myself in and have tried to teach him a few words during his bedtime story.

And it has started to pay off because he can read and write a couple of short words already.

At the weekend he even asked to play a word game. So I wrote out some words on pieces of paper, cut them up and then got him to put the letters in the correct order.

And by jove, he got it! (Cue me feeling really proud of him and really pleased my amateur effort at being a teacher is paying off).

He loved the game (even trying to cheat to ‘win’!) which goes to show how rewarding teaching can be – even if the teaching is winging it just a littl